woman breast feeding her baby sitting in her home studio surrounded by hanging dried flowers     

My passion for beautiful flowers stems from my amazing Mum. I grew up watching her create gorgeous floral arrangements for friends and family who were celebrating special milestones. She wasn't a trained florist, just an incredibly resourceful woman, with a creative can-do attitude who made magic happen from our family home. Witnessing the beauty and joy she created from her floral work has undoubtedly had a lasting impression on me.

After many years spent overseas working in product design, it was family ties that eventually brought my husband and I back to  New Zealand.  We wanted our young daughters to experience the same wonderful childhoods we both did here in Taupō. Part of that is watching her parents being creative, making things with our hands, and bringing joy into people's lives. Equally important to us is a commitment to sustainable living, we are on a constant journey to reduce our waste and pass this knowledge onto our daughters. 'Waste not want not' is the same mentality I have when it comes to my floral design. It brings me so much joy to take something that would otherwise be discarded, past its traditional best-before, and give it a second lease of life in a beautiful new way.