The first online event in a series of workshops is now LIVE!
Introduction to Drying Flowers
This will be an online course teaching you everything I know about the basics of drying flowers. I will cover three main topics; how to dry flowers and foliage, what varieties dry best (and what they look like), and where/how to source them. We will finish off the lesson with a live Q+A where you can ask me anything you like, no gatekeeping of industry "secrets" here.

Who is this for:
>Did you recently get married and invest thousands in your wedding flowers and now you can't bare the thought of just letting them go to waste? 
>Do you often get given bouquets of fresh flowers on special occasions and wish you could do more with them than just throw them away at the end of their life?
>Are you planning an event - maybe even your wedding?!- and want to decorate with flowers you dried yourself?
>Do you have an abundant garden but don't know what to do with all your beautiful cut flowers?
>Are you a creative and want to try a new medium like dried flowers?  
>Do you feel like trying a new hobby, something that doesn't cost too much, is sustainable, and is connected to nature?
If you answered yes to any of the above, the click the BUY TICKET button now! 

Each ticket holder will receive a recording of the workshop as well as the printable Guide which documents all the information covered in the workshop as well as a glossary of my favourite and most used dried varieties, what they look like and where to source them.
Can't wait for you to join me!
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